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The Hitler Rants Parodies Contest is a contest organized by Hitler Rants Parodies. It was announced on the 20th of October 2015 with the announcement video. The deadline for entries was the 4th of January 2016. The results were announced on March 11th, 2016. 

The conceptEdit

The aim of the contest is to make the best parody ever made yourself. Hitler described it as "the ultimate parody contest". However, any parodies containing discrimination, hate speech, anti-Semitism, or neo-Nazism would have been disqualified. The winner's entry will be promoted and uploaded to HRP's channel. 

Winner selectionEdit

A group of judges gave points to the entries. A judge gave points ranging from 1-10, on each entry. All the scores were then added together.

Judges for the 2015 Contest
Judges for the 2016 Contest

Results (2015)Edit

Gold levelEdit

Place Name Entry
1 Plaak Hitler VS Fegelein: THE ULTIMATE FIGHT
2 WonkyTonkBotty Fegelein turns Hitler and the Bunker into a Flash Cartoon
3 Mitchell Hang Goebbels's Map-Pointing Failure
4 avidsonicfan1991 Sonic's Space Adventures Against Hitler; Episode 10
5 CanaDolfy98 Hitler goes on Sasuke (Ninja Warrior)

Silver levelEdit

Place Name Entry
6 Parodyhall Hitler plays Spin the bottle
7 Dumb Fish Parodies Hitler's awesome invention!
8 HighBunker HxH Parodies Hitler Plays Crash Bandicoot #2 - Jungle Boulder Madness
9 Paul Stompbox Hitler Works at Krusty Krebs
10 Cobalt Pony Hitler Turns Jodl's Head into a Death Ray

Bronze levelEdit

Place Name Entry
11 MMA Hitler Memes Fegelein nukes Hitler's Fuhrerbunker
12 Gb. Alexander Downfall/D-War Parody: Hitler leads the Atrox Army
13 The Antic Dealer How Gunsche became Hitler's Informer
14 Hanz Fishkrebs Goebbels the fuhrer

The Hitler Rants Parodies Contest 2016Edit

The 2016 HRP contest was announced on the 20th October 2016. the deadline for entries is the 1st January 2017.

Two entries were removed from the contest and their entrants were barred from entering any future HRP contests, after an incident in which HRP was badmouthed behind his back occurred. The two entries were TraitorLoxoz's Hitler Works at 911 Emergancy, and "Hitler And The Slow Motion Problem (FULL MOVIE)" by TailzParodies. The latter entry was made private after it was removed from the contest.

Results (2016)Edit

Gold levelEdit

Coming Soon

Silver levelEdit

Place Name Entry
11 HighBunker HxH Parodies Hitler Plays Gran Turismo 2 #16 - REICH RALLY ROYALLE
12 Gb. Alexander Downfall/SST parody: Hitler Invades Fegeldathu - Episode 2: The Drop (HRP Contest 2016 entry)
13 Beom Jun Koo The Blair Fuhrer project
14 Sonic7emerald Hitler sends Goring to Africa S02E03 - "Back to Egypt"
15 Hitler Trolls Hitler's New Year
16 Martroid 98 Hitler And Co. In Corpse Party/ヒトラーxコープスパーティー(英語) (4 Endings)
17 Harpog The Great Steiner Conspiracy
18 Alec Griffiths Hitler phones Harpo Marx
19 TheOwl18 Hitler Plays Grand Theft Auto V #2
20 Awesome Face! Hitler is glitched

Bronze levelEdit

Place Name Entry
21 MegaMr46 Hitler just was informed Hitler has escaped from jail
22 Frozzy Hitler's Christmas
23 Jeha This video is not funny in your country.
24 Cherring1997 (DPMV) Adolf Hitler - Get Fishy (Daft Punk - Get Lucky parody)
25 RabidPoodles Hitler Rant Parody "Das Voot"
26 PotatoParodies Ritter von Greim Eats While Listening to Vaporwave for 5 Minutes
27 Dolfy Parodies Hitler Rants about Playstation Supporting Infinite Warefare in an advertisment
28 DolfyKeepRanting Whole Bunker want kill Hitler so Fegelein become new Fuhrer
29 Drateraton Jk I am one Hitler plays MGG2 for the 3rd time
30 The Canadian Dude Hitler reacts to PK Subban Trade
31 HimmlerParodies Hitler is informed there's a new Unterganger

External LinksEdit

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