HRP The Final Trilogy
The Finality Trilogy is an epic parody saga split over three chapters, The War of the Hitlers, The Enemy Within and The Final Conflict, which will be released in 2014-2018.

The War of the Hitlers

The War of the Hitlers takes place in 2014, which sees much upheaval and chaos. The War of the Hitlers started with Downfall Hitler assassinating Valkryie Hitler, who was the mediator of the Hitler Council. With his death, the Hitlers launched themselves into a great struggle. By late 2013, all Hitlers were defeated except Downfall Hitler, Inglourious Bastards Hitler and Adolf Hitler. On January 27th, 2014, Downfall Hitler defeated Adolf Hitler as the Western Alliance helped him with the remnants of the other Hitlers. Downfall Hitler finished the war by using his Pencil of Doom to wipe out Adolf Hitler's HQ along with his alien helpers and High Command, prompting the rest to surrender. The war completely ends as Downfall Hitler kills Inglourious Bastards Hitler with this Pencil of Doom. Other conflicts during this event was the Soviet-Eastern Coalition War, where the Soviet Union was defeated, with Stalin killed.

The Enemy Within

The Enemy Within takes place in 2018 and focuses on the traitor Günsche.

The Final Conflict

Project Finality origins go back to 2011 with the unveiling of ‘The Final Conflict’, which sees Earth invaded by the Space Nazis in 2018 and they regard everyone living on Earth as inferiors. Hitler and the Reich are determined to protect and defend Earth from the Nazi invasion with their RSS Adolf Hitler spaceship, which was wrongly named, USS George W Bush. Fegelein thought it would be funny to have the Reich spaceship named after a president Hitler greatly despises, much to Hitler’s annoyance.

The RSS Adolf Hitler interior is modelled on the famous bunker, which was the United Reich’s headquarters until 2018.

The Final Conflict brings an end to the Hitler Rants Parodies saga.

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