Hitler Rants Parodies
Hitler Rants Parodies


8 May 1986 (age 30)




United Kingdom (London)


Fellow Untergangers


Constantin Film

Stacy Lee Blackmon (also known as Hitler Rants Parodies and Elite Prime) is a YouTube user that makes parodies, mainly of the 2004 film Downfall. HRP's first parody was "Hitler rants about C&C Red Alert 3 DRM Install Limit" which was uploaded to YouTube on the 20th October 2008. On 1st April 2011; in what many people thought was a clever April Fools Day joke, he announced that he would be discontinuing production of new parodies on 21st December 2012 whether or not the apocalypse actually happens.

In his video, "Hitler is informed hitlerrantsparodies needs a job", it is revealed that he is actually Fegelein.

Downfall ParodiesEdit

HRP has made over 1500 parodies with over 76 million views so far. Parody series include: Hitler rants, Hitler finds out, Hitler is informed, Hitler is asked, Hitler Reviews, Hitler encounters, Hitler plans, Hitler phones, Hitler Vs, Hitler’s pencil of doom, Hitler’s pencil of mass destruction and numerous others.

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