Leopold the Kung-fu master!

Leopold Slikk
Angry german kid
Vital Statistics
Title Angry German Kid, Der Echte Gangster, Keyboard Crusher
Gender Male
Hobby Smashing keyboards, screaming, cursing in German, playing Unreal Tournament
Foes Hitler
Location Mannheim, Germany
Portrayed by Himself

Leopold Slikk (last name yet to be confirmed), also known as Angry German Kid, Der Echte Gangster, Keyboard Crusher etc., became an internet meme of his own, when a few years ago, someone secretly posted a video of him on YouTube in which he throws tantrums at his computer for being to slow, then gets killed in a Unreal Tournament game, resulting repeatedly smashing his keyboard in anger. Ever since the video was uploaded, people questioned this was all real or not. It was finally revealed that Leopold was a target of parodies.

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