Hitler throws flour at President Hollande
Hitler throws flour at President Hollande
Hitler throws flour at President Hollande
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Release date 15 May 2012
Length 01:32
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Hitler throws flour at President Hollande01:32

Hitler throws flour at President Hollande

Hitler plans to throw flour at President Hollande to show him how he dislikes all politicians. Steiner reports that Hollande is flying to New Berlin to meet that annoying Merkel Woman. Jodl objects and says that Göring needs the flour to bake cakes. Hitler ignores his objection and goes ahead with it anyway.

Hitler arrives at New Berlin and manages to attack him with the flour, but is stoped before he could use it all.

Hitler is then informed by Günsche that Göring is not happy that he used all his flour but Hitler says Göring could do without cakes because he is too fat and then says that if Göring is hungry, he should eat Fegelein.

Reich News HeadlinesEdit

  • Soviet and Eastern coalition forces clash on the Soviet-ec border.
  • There was a failed attempt to assasinate Stalin today with poisoned tea.
  • Hitler has set out a plan for the establishment of the Reich space agency and for the construction of a spaceship.


  • We learn in this video that Krebs does not have a map of New Berlin.
  • This is the only plan in the Hitler attacks series that is a partial success.
  • Hitler said he has a hatred of all politicians, even though he is a politician.
  • When Hitler said that Göring should eat Fegelein, this could have influenced Hitler plans to get Göring to eat Fegelein.
  • There actually was a failed attempt at assasinating Stalin with poisonous tea in real life when he was Soviet leader.

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