Hitler plans to explore space
Hitler explains the he and the Reich plan to explore space. One of the infamous personality cores from the Portal series is seen in the backdrop.
Important information
Release date 25 June, 2013
Series Hitler plans
Length 00:54
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Hitler plans to explore space and the vast universe as he believes it is now the way for survival. Steiner recommended that he explore the Milky Way Galaxy first. Krebs had a very elaborate map for this surprisingly.

Krebs supports Hitlers goals of space exploration, however says that exploring the whole universe is impossible, and that he should focus on exploring the Milky Way instead. Hitler agrees with this.

Jodl says that he doesn't want to explore space yet Hitler reminds him that he is already in space. Hitler then threatens to throw him out into space to leave him floating, just like the multiple Personality Cores they flew by.

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