Hitler is informed his face has been blocked
Hitler is informed his face has been blocked
Günsche points out the obvious
Important information
Release date 30 May 2012
Length 0:30
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Hitler is informed his face has been blocked00:30

Hitler is informed his face has been blocked

In this parody, Günsche informs Hitler that his face has been blocked because it contains content from Fegeltantin Films and was blocked on copyright grounds.


  • Günsche - It seems your face has been blocked.
  • Hitler - Oh really, and what magnificent oracle provide you with this information?
  • Günsche - I was not told. I can see your face is blocked.
  • Hitler - Of course, you stupid giant.
  • Hitler - Now help me unblock my face.
  • Hitler - At once.
  • Hitler - I cannot talk to anyone has long as this accused block covers my handsome face.
  • Hitler - This block is a nuisance.
  • Hitler - I will block Fegelein entirely for this disgrace.
  • Hitler - FEGELEIN!!!
  • Hitler - FEGELEIN!!!
  • Hitler - FEGELEIN!!!


  • In an earlier video, Günsche said he wanted Hitler's face to be blocked, and then this happened.
  • Fegeltantin films is a pun on Constantin Films, the movie company that keeps on blocking parodies on YouTube.
  • Despite Hitler's face being blocked, it still appears in the outro.
  • There is a spelling error, Hitler says has long when it should say as long.

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