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Hitler interviews Inglourious Hitler
Hitler interviews Inglourious Hitler
Hitler calls Inglourious Hitler a dumbass during the interview.
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Release date 06 February 2012
Length 01:11
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Hitler interviews Inglourious Hitler01:11

Hitler interviews Inglourious Hitler

Hitler interviews Inglourious Hitler, which inevitable turns into an argument over who’s better. However at the end, when Hitler wishes that Fegelein would just annoy Inglourious Hitler instead of him, but Inglourious Hitler ends the argument by shouting "Nein".

Reich news HeadlinesEdit

  • Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler and Hitler Argue over which Hitler is the superior Hitler
  • Jodl reveals his new iObjector device, which Hitler smashed, when it objected to his plan
  • The Reich Space Agency plans to send a man to the Moon once it has a rocket that is capable of going to the Moon
  • Reich Corp launches ReichUpload, which allows users to share files with a maximum file size of 1TB
  • Fegelein is now the World's most wanted man
  • Skeletor rants about something, but no one bother to listen
  • Wenck expresses his concerns about his name being used as "Fine" in Hitler's planning sessions
  • Hitler claims the Reich is the most technologically advanced power in the World
  • Goring broke Hitler's toilet when he sat on it

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