Hitler disrupts President Reagan's speech
Hitler disrupts President Reagan’s speech
Hitler disrupts President Reagan’s speech.
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Release date 19 September 2011
Length 01:38
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Hitler disrupts President Reagan's speech01:38

Hitler disrupts President Reagan's speech

Hitler plans to disrupt President Reagan's speech by shouting Fegelein during his speech hoping that everyone would watch him defeat Regan on his Reich News Network. Steiner will fly him to San Diego and the map has no relevance to the plan whatsoever. Jodl says that the plan will be an epic faliure and Hitler insults his bold head again and goes ahead with it anyway.

Hitler appears at the speech and keeps distracting Regan by shouting Fegelein at him, butReagan tells him to shut up.

Hitler is then angerd to see that the whole World saw Regan say shut up to him on TV and was humiliated on national television, Hitler's plan to defeat Regan was a disaster.

Reich News headlinesEdit

  • Reich Corp posts losses of 100 Million Reichmarks.
  • Jodl has objected to Hitler's plan to polish Jodl's head.
  • There are reports that Fegelein has been seen at the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Krebs claims to have found the lost city of Atlanis by pointing at the map of Berlin.

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