Hitler buys the Death Star and accidental destroys Earth
Hitler buys the Death Star and accidently destroys Earth
Oh dear, Earth was destroyed.
Important information
Release date 01 March 2010
Length 02:32
Hitler plans to buy the Death Star, thinking that the Allies will surrender after hearing this and let him win the War. Jodl warns him not to do this as it will destroy Earth, Hitler then says that he will make Fegelein in charge of reducing the power of the superlaser.

In the next scene, Hitler is told that the Allies and the Soviets have refused to surrender which angers him and forces him to fire the superlaser to obliberate them, but sadly, it destroys the entire Earth. Fegelein forgot to reduce the power.

After destroying Earth, Hitler rants about it and complains about Fegelein's team not reducing the superlaser. Hitler then demands to have them ejected into space and to have Fegelein brought to him, but once again, no one can find him.

Gunsche then informs Hitler that Fegelein has activated the self destruct sequence, which angers Hitler even more. The Death Star then explodes before Hitler could finish his second FEGELEIN!!! and killes everyone on board. Fegelein possibly survived the explosion.


  • This is one of the few episodes where Hitler and anyone else in the reich has died.