Hitler attacks President Sarkozy
Hitler attacks President Sarkozy
Hitler grabs President Sarkozy.
Important information
Release date 04 July 2011
Length 01:29
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Hitler attacks President Sarkozy01:29

Hitler attacks President Sarkozy

Hitler plans to attack President Sarkozy beacuse he is not very popular, thinking that attacking unpopular leaders will cause his popularity to increase. Steiner drove him to the town of Brax where Sarkozy will meet the crowd. Jodl objects, saying that Sarkozy has done nothing to Hitler and he shouldent attack him. But Hitler ignores his objection and goes ahead with it anyway.

The next scene shows Hitler attempting to attack Sarkozy, but is caught by security gaurds and is thrown to the ground. He then says that he was arrested, given a suspended sentence and will be forced to resign if he attacks a world leader. Hitler's attack on Sarkozy was a faliure.


  • This video is blocked from being viewed in France.

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