Hitler Vs Inspector Clouseau
Hitler Vs Inspector Clouseau
A disguised Steiner delivers a black round bomb to Inspector Clouseau.
Important information
Release date 28 March 2012
Length 15:16
Youtube Link Watch Video
Hitler Vs Inspector Clouseau15:16

Hitler Vs Inspector Clouseau

Hitler in an attempt to either increase his reputation or just because he wants to, decides to dedicate the Reich to killing Inspector Clouseau. The operation leads to the killing of numerous high members of the Reich to incompetence. This operation also sees the use for the first time of Reich Techs disguiser technology, which allows the user to take any form they want. After the loss of a high number of operatives, Hitler decides to personally try and kill Clouseau, but during the process Clouseau hits the disguised Hitler causing Hitler to fall forward onto a tray on wheels that moves forward and goes right over the edge with Hitler crashing though glass and numerous floors all the way down.

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