Ernst-Robert Grawitz
Vital Statistics
Title Reichsphysician SS, Police and SS-Gruppenführer
Gender Male
Hobby Stomping, blowing him and his family up
Allies Hitler
Foes Fegelein, Himmler
Location The Führerbunker

Ernst-Robert Grawitz is a SS physician and a character in the movie Downfall. He is known to be very fat, but not as fat as Göring. He appears to be suicidal, as he often kills himself and his family using grenades.

He often sits in Hitler's office asking him for help, but Hitler refuses it and forces him to leave when Günsche arrives.

He often pisses Hitler off by stomping on the ground instead of finding Fegelein.

He once replaced Günsche after Hitler fired him for not finding Fegelein, but Grawitz was soon fired because he failed to inform him of anything.